Thunderbird - Infra Team Lead
Toronto, ON (Sep 2020 - Present)
Managed the team that handles all Thunderbird infrastructure and websites, including primary websites, APIs, microservices, and also Thunderbird application builds and release servers and processes.

Thunderbird - Infrastructure Engineer
Toronto, ON (Jan 2017 - Sep 2020)
Working primarily in Python and Javascript, developed and deployed,,, and many other microservices and supporting websites used by Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Canada/Corp - Senior Web Developer on Web Productions
Toronto, ON (Nov 2012 - Oct 2014)
Lead developer on, key developer on and various other webprod projects depending on team priorities. Module owner of ISPDB, Thunderbird broker,, and Thunderbird Support site.

Mozilla Canada - Web Developer/Websites Lead for Thunderbird
Toronto, ON (May 2010 - Nov 2012)
Lead developer on all Thunderbird-related websites:, User Support, and many other web-facing and server side bits such as the Thunderbird-related functionality on AMO, internal server middleware, add-on validator, etc. Localization lead for Thunderbird websites.

Transcontinental Publishing - Web Developer
Toronto, ON (December 2009 - May 2010)
Web developer on the Web-Ops team; responsible for both maintenance of a number of major sites(Canadian Gardening and related sites, The Hockey News, Style At Home, etc) and production of contest sites, sub-channels, and other client-focused projects.

(November 2004 - July 2008)
Co-founder of the site and provided database, PHP and other server support.

Mozilla Corporation
Mountain View, CA(employer -- remote work from Windsor, Ontario) (May 2006 - November 2007)
Wrote most of the original public page back-end for Mozilla Addons, and development on Mozilla Developer Center.

Contract work in games industry, full CV available on request.
Jan 2002 - April 2006


University of Windsor
Windsor, ON (2002 - 2006)
Two years of Computer Science and three years of Economics.