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Psionic Disease
As with any disease, a psionic character who is injured or attacked by a creature carrying a disease or parasite, or who otherwise comes in contact with contaminated material, must make an immediate Fortitude save. On a success, the disease fails to affect the character. On a failure, the character takes damage (or suffers the specified effect) after an incubation period. Once per day afterward, the afflicted character must make a successful Fortitude save to avoid repeating the damage. Two successful saving throws in a row indicate he or she has fought off the disease.

Cascade Flu: Spread by brain moles, other vermin (injury); DC 13; Incubation: one day; Damage: psionic cascade.
A psionic cascade is a loss of control over psionic faculties. Following the incubation period, every time the afflicted character manifests a power, he or she must make a Concentration check (DC 16). On a failed check, a psionic cascade is triggered. The power operates normally, but during the following round, without the character’s volition, two additional powers he or she knows manifest randomly, debiting their power cost from the character’s reserve. During the third round, three additional powers manifest, and so on, until all the psionic character’s power points are drained. Powers activated by the cascade target randomly. Roll d%: On a 01–50 result, the power affects the character, and 51–00 indicates that the power targets other creatures in the vicinity (powers with personal and touch range always affect only the psionic character). Psionic creatures (who manifest their powers freely) cascade until all the powers they know have manifested at least twice.

Cerebral Parasites: Spread by contact with infected psionic creatures (contact); DC 15; Incubation: 1d4 days; Damage: drains 1d8 power points.
Cerebral parasites are tiny organisms, undetectable to normal sight. An afflicted character may not even know he or she carries the parasites—until the character discovers he or she has fewer power points at his or her disposal than expected. Psionic creatures with cerebral parasites are limited to using each of their known powers only once per day (instead of freely manifesting them).